General information

Interdisciplinary Autumn School for Reproductive Sciences and related Research Fields


Dr. Anne Schumacher
Prof. Ana Claudia Zenclussen


Scientific committee

Prof. Ana Claudia Zenclussen (University of Magdeburg), Dr. Anne Schumacher (University of Magdeburg), PD Dr. Florian Herse (Charité Berlin), Prof. Andrea Steinborn-Kröhl (University of Heidelberg)

Confirmed speakers

Prof. Dr. Gil Mor
Prof. Dr. Sarah Robertson
Prof. Dr. Peggy Petroff
Prof. Dr. Guillermina Girardi
Prof. Dr. Berthold Huppertz
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Pollheimer
PD Dr. Robert Kammerer
Prof. Dr. Andrea Steinborn-Kröhl
Prof. Dr. Dr. hc. Serban-Dan Costa
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Kleinstein
Prof. Dr. Horacio Rodriguez
Dr. Gabriela Gutierrez


Research Program Highlights

Keynote lecture

Main sessions

         Trophoblast invasion and placental development

         Immune cell populations in pregnancy

         Immune regulatory molecules in pregnancy

         Autoimmunity and pregnancy

         Inflammation and pregnancy

         Human pregnancy complications

Q&A sessions

Poster party

Practical trainings

Social Program Highlights

Get together

Speed dating

Dinner party