Interdisciplinary Autumn School for Reproductive Sciences and related Research Fields

18th – 21st October 2017

Herrenkrug Park Hotel, Magdeburg

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Wednesday, 18th October 2017

15:00               Arrival and registration

17:00               Welcome

17:30               Prof. Gil Mor (Keynote lecture), Yale University, USA

                        “Pregnancy: A unique immunologic and microbial condition”

18:30                Speed dating

19:30                Dinner and “Get Together”


Thursday, 19th October 2017

Session 1:        Placental development in normal and pathologic pregnancy

08:00               Prof. Berthold Huppertz, Medical University of Graz, Austria

                        “Placenta and Preeclampsia: data versus belief – guess what is stronger?”

08:40               Prof. Jürgen Pollheimer, Medical University of Vienna, Austria

                       “The role of the invasive extravillous trophoblast during early human placentation”

09:20               O1: Desiree Forstner, Medical University of Graz, Austria

                        “Influence of platelet-derived factors on the villous trophoblast”

09:35               Coffee break

Session 2:        Immune cells and fetal tolerance induction

09:55               Dr. David Sharkey, University of Adelaide, Australia

                        “The role of male seminal fluid in priming the female immune system for pregnancy

10:35               Dr. Nicole Meyer, Experimental Obstetrics and Gynecology, Germany

                        “Role of natural killer cells and mast cells for reproductive processes”

11:15               Prof. Andrea Steinborn-Kröhl, University of Heidelberg, Germany

                       “The role of regulatory T-cells (Tregs) for tolerance induction during pregnancy

11:55               Prof. Marijke Faas, University of Groningen, Netherlands

                       Sex differences in immune responses

12:35               O2: Iva Filipovic, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

                       “Ontogeny, cell identity and function of uterine group 1 innate lymphoid cells”

12:50               Lunch

14:00               Theoretical introduction in the laboratory methods

15:00               Practical demonstration of the laboratory methods

                        (A) Visual demonstration of fetal development using ultrasound

                        (B) Isolation of sperms and oocytes followed by in vitro fertilization

18:00                “Q&A” Session                   

19:00                Poster-Party (in the Herrenkrug Park Hotel)


Friday, 20th October 2017

Session 3:        Reproductive sciences: From bench to bedside

08:00               Prof. Serban-Dan Costa, University Women’s Clinic, Germany

                        “Knowledge transfer from the lab into the clinic”

08:40                Prof. Jürgen Kleinstein, Clinic for Reproductive Medicine and Gynecologic Endocrinology, Germany

                        “High end IVF”

09:20                Coffee break

Session 4:        Autoimmunity and pregnancy

09:40               Prof. Gabriela Gutierrez, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentinien

                        “Endometrial immunosenescence and autoimmunity: recurrent abortion or implantation failure?”

10:20               Prof. Guillermina Girardi, King´s College London, United Kingdom

                        “Of mice and women: statins as a potential treatment to prevent adverse pregnancy outcomes in the antiphospholipid syndrome (APS)

11:00               Prof. Ralf Dechend, Max-Delbrück-Center Berlin, Germany

                        “(Auto-)immune dysregulation and the cardioplacental syndrome called preeclampsia"

11:40               Prof. Margaret Petroff, Michigan State University, USA

                       “Central immune tolerance and reproductive fertility”

12:20               O3: Rabia Anwar, Max-Delbrück-Center Berlin, Germany

                       “Trophoblast-specific gene expression driven by endogenous retrovirus LTRs in normal vs

                        pre-eclamtic (PE) pregnancy”

12:35               O4: Ioannis Pavlidis, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

                        “A new model of cervical damage during pregnancy”

12:50                Lunch

Sessin 5:          Hormones and pregnancy

14:00               Prof. Horacio Rodriguez, Universidad Nacional del Litoral, Argentinien

                       “Influence of endocrine disrupters on fertility”

14:40               Stefanie Ehrentraut, Experimental Obstetrics and Gynecology, Germany

                       “Human Chorionic Gonadotropin as a pivotal player for pregnancy immune tolerance”

15:20               O5: Susanne Grund

                       “The role of endometrial claudin-3 for implantation, decidualization and embryo development”

15:35               PD Dr. Robert Kammerer, Friedrich-Löffler-Institut Greifswald, Germany

                       “Evolution and function of Pregnancy-specific glycoproteins in humans and animal models”

16:15               Coffee break

16:35               “Q&A” Session

19:00               Dinner-Party (in the Mückenwirt)


Saturday, 21st October 2017

09:00             Departure



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